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What do the words Sharpshooter in Saree remind you of? Definitely not the Charlie’s angels or the Bond girl! Not even Wonder woman. It could however remind you of Prakashi Tomar & Chadro Tomar, sisters-in-law, octogenarians who made history of being oldest sharpshooters. The film Saand Ki Aankh is based on their life.

Majhiyar should make it to history lesson

Somewhere, tucked away in a Madhya Pradesh, a city called Majhiyar, in Rewa District, women took guns to protect their village from a dacoit called “Dadua”. While the men were away to earn their living, Dadua and his gang used to barge into the houses, harass the women and little girls and also steal the cattle.

The women did not sit back waiting for authorities to take action. Twelve women acquired guns to protect themselves to guard the three villages they belonged to. Patrolling on the periphery of the village, they would signal when danger was approaching. Shooting in the air, helped them preempt the danger.

Even though, the dreaded Dadua died in 2007, the defence continued. The Women in the village feel safe. They can freely travel with their spouses, leaving behind their homes and belonging without the fear of it being ransacked. Women even travel courageously travel farther distances to sell timber at a better price than they would get in their vicinity. The villages now have thriving businesses, some of them owned and run by women.

So should Shahjahanpur in UP

Sahana Begum from Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, took the gun rio protect herself and her family after her husband passed away young. Populartly known as “Bandook Chachi” or “Gun Aunty“, She extends her protection to girls of her village and nearby villages too.

She takes the police and the other men in the village head-on and all the boys in the village are scared. The result, the girls are safe. In a state like UP where Rape and molestation are common place, Shahjahanpur has a Sharp Shooter protecting the girls.

And the Women to the Leadership Lesson

Leadership is not about how many report to you. It is also not about what is the revenue you are handling. It is all about how we make most of the given situation, take up a role without any title, be part of the group and do it. Whether it is corporate world or your neighbourhood its time to be the sharpshooter in saree.

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