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    March 23, 2024

Halo & Horn effect – Biases impacting our everyday decisions

Bias is an inclination, prejudice, preference or tendency towards or against a person, group, thing, idea or belief. At times, the bias may be conscious, that the person holding the bias is aware of it. Many times, the bias may be unconscious, and the individual may not be aware that they are experiencing bias towards others.     Having biases does not make us a “bad person”, it makes us a “person”. Biases can be detrimental only when they impact our decision-making, especially in the workplace. Humans tend to make judgements based on first impressions and pre-conceived ideas or knowledge.     The session takes participants through understanding bias, debunking the myth around “bad person” associated with bias and exploring ways to minimise their impact on our decision-making.     Date: Saturday 23 March 2024 Time: 10am - 12:30pm Venue: Hotel Ebony, Banjara Hills Click here for the registration link   

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