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A work environment that is safe and respectful for all genders greatly encourages and attracts aspiring individuals to participate and promote the growth of an organization. This results in dramatic development of the economy and the personal lives of the individuals.

A plethora of examples will appear on the search results if one looks up on the organizations and individuals that have fallen from grace due to sexual harassment. It is evident that sexual harassment finds its roots in issues of behaviours and mindsets. Sexual harassment is a behaviour characterized by the making of unwelcome and inappropriate sexual remarks or physical advances.

One of the employability skills that is not taught in the conventional education system in India is on behaviour at workplace. Due to lack of awareness as to when and how the behaviour enters a realm of sexual harassment, lot of people victimize and get victimized. This further perpetuates into the mindset of the society at large.

Not very surprising that many cases of sexual harassment go unreported due to fear of hierarchy or society or family or judgement; sadly, also because many believe they don’t have legal access or information to sort this issue. And they inevitably remain unresolved.

Addressing such cases can be done in pragmatic and legally compliant manners that are sustainable and just to the victim, victimizer and the organization. And understanding this needs an investment of time in training on the Prevention of Sexual Harassment at workplace (PoSH).

Ananya-Women@Work is conducting a training workshop on the 15th of February 2019. Our program is designed to offer solutions to cases of eventuated sexual harassment and its prevention in the long term. The informative and interactive session is co-facilitated by an expert practising lawyer to give in-depth insights into the legal aspects with case studies and legally compliant solutions. The session is also facilitated by the founder of Ananya, who has trained several corporates on PoSH.

Let us together make our workplaces respectful for all!

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