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Mentoring & Coaching

Mentoring & Coaching

Mentoring for Inclusion:

Mentoring Matters

The long-term Mentoring program by Ananya-Women@Work is an extended, intentional, goal-oriented and time-bound program that engages mentors and mentees from the underrepresented groups within the organization, to ensure development and higher retention of their diverse workforce. Our long-term mentoring program exemplifies experiential learning, faster adoption of new skills and opportunity to apply the learned concepts within the organization. It is also an opportunity for the mentors to demonstrate inclusion and be sensitised to the unique needs of the underrepresented groups.


MentoRite is a platform that brings mentors and women mentees together to sensitize them both on the benefits of mentorship. The program aims to create and spread awareness about mentorship and helps women experience being mentored. Designed and developed by Madhujit Singh,founder-CEO of Ananya-Women@Work and Sita Pallachola, founder of Angel Hub as a vital source of support, MentoRite uses the ASK, APPROACH, ALIGN methodology, encouraging women mentees to get comfortable with the mentoring process, in a single session group mentoring format.

Coaching for inclusion:

  • Coaching is a power tool for bringing the change inside out. Inclusion Coaching, is way for professionals specially leaders to help them go deep within themselves, reflect on the their own beliefs and stereotypes, understand its impact on workplace, make conscious choices to become more inclusive, and take courageous decisions towards an equitable organisation.